Lacto Health


When will we ship out your Lacto Sinus?

We ship using USPS Priority Mail as well as UPS Ground & Air. Lacto Sinus ships out the first Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday following your order date. You will receive your order the same week if you order before 4pm (ET) on Wednesday. We only ship out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because we do not want your Lacto Sinus to be without refrigeration over the weekend. Please email us at for any special requests.

Where do we ship to?

We ship to all states/territories within the United States and Canada. We also ship internationally to Europe and Australia. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates!

What days are shipping services suspended due to US federal holidays?

Please refer to this USPS link to check the US federal holiday schedule.

Please refer to this UPS link to check the UPS holiday operating calendar.

Will you receive tracking information?

You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information once your product ships.

Where are we shipping from?

We ship from our facility in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

How do we protect the product during shipment?

We securely package every order of Lacto Sinus in a sturdy box. Our L. sakei is stable at room temperature for more than several days, which is perfect for shipping to you. When needed, we will add ice packs to the shipments to ensure that the product always arrives to you in excellent condition. We expect the ice pack to melt during shipping, but this is totally normal and your product is still alive and well!